Privacy Policy

Aiming to reiterate its seriousness and the transparency of its actions, the Company , a legal entity of private law, enrolled with the National Register of Legal entity under the number , with headquarters at 421, , owner of the website and henceforth named Online Deals, is aware of the trust placed by its USERS in its publication of offers and discounts. For this reason, it is our commitment to protect the privacy of our clients, ensuring that the information collected will serve only for purposes of providing marketing offers and discounts.

In this sense, the Internet site does not cede or commercialize, in any way, any individual information of its USERS without their express authorization. This document seeks to clarify how the Online Deals site collects and treats individual information of its USERS.

What information do we collect and how do we do it?

Online Deals uses forms and cookies to better know its USERS; that is, according to the use of the USER on the site, we store information in a safe environment in order to benefit you, showing more relevant content each visit. This allows Online Deals to offer a differentiated and more adapted offer and discount to the interests of our USERS.

In addition, to ensure the security of the USER if a third party has requested the registration using improperly the e-mail address of that USER, we collect the IP address used at the time of registration.

Aiming to know better the USER and improve the dissemination of offers and discounts we also use the so-called Cookies.

Cookies are text files recorded on your computer that help us recognize you when you return to visit our pages. Cookies also help us assess our audience and better understand the characteristics of traffic on our site. It is important to emphasize that the USER has full autonomy to refuse any sending of Cookie by blocking your browser. However, it is also important to remember that the refusal to accept the Cookies sent prevents us from offering the USER a service of offers and discounts oriented to their interests and will make it necessary for them to identify themselves every time they use the Online Deals site.

What do we do with such information?

The main objective when collecting information from our USERS is to always offer a more targeted offer and discount, indefinitely, making your visit more efficient. We also use such information to better guide the sending of newsletters about the offers conveyed through Online Deals.

We never disclose to third parties the individual data of our USERS. However, we may disclose global and generic information about the whole, or subsets, of our population of USERS. Thus, we do not provide an address, but may eventually disclose the regional distribution of our visitors. For example, we may disclose the distribution between men and women, distribution by location, and other general characteristics, without identifying individual USERS.

Online Deals also does not pass on information to third parties so that they can use it in direct mailings or e-mail lists.

Who can have access to the information collected?

Online Deals's policy is not to disclose and/or pass on individual information of its USERS to third parties, except by court order. Online Deals assures the USER the secrecy and confidentiality of the registered information. However, Online Deals may be required by law, process, litigation and / or determinations of public authorities or government inside or outside the country in which you reside to disclose your personal information. Online Deals may also disclose information about USERS if it is proven the need that this disclosure is for national security, legal requirement or other matters of public importance or when the disclosure is necessary or appropriate. The USER can change or cancel your registration in Online Deals at any time.

How can I delete my e-mail address from the Online Deals list?

To delete the registration of e-mails sent by Online Deals, just click on the link to unsubscribe ("opt-out") at the top and bottom of all messages sent, or you can also request the cancellation of your registration through this link.

Online Deals informs that as soon as the USER cancels his registration on his site, either by "opt-out", or by request to the service channel, all the information registered by the USER will be removed and excluded from the active servers of Online Deals.

It may be that the deletion and consequent cancellation do not occur right away, due to the maintenance and/or updating of the active servers. However, if the termination takes longer than expected, the USER may contact the Online Deals directly, informing their situation through the email . The Online Deals will take all necessary steps to get your request answered as soon as possible.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Online Deals may change this Privacy Policy from time to time; however, it will not in any way reduce its effects. Any change made will be duly published on this page and, if the changes are significant, the Online Deals will put a more prominent notice on its site.

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